Air Walk

We finally made it to Air Walk!!! We have been trying to get there all summer long but with lacrosse practices or tournaments, Trey working or out of town, Elijah working at snow cone shack, Joseph mowing yards, Trey tennis, Mary on Coast, or me just too tired by evening it took us a while to make it happen. I am so glad we finally got to go because every one had way more fun than we could have imagined. The kids were so surprised and thrilled when we pulled up to the building. Everyone had a blast! Even Trey got out there and jumped some and played a couple rounds of Dodge Ball. Leaping off a platform onto a trampoline and into the massive foam pit was such a thrill for them all. So much Fun!! Hanson really got into it as he stayed near Mary. Joseph was doing his amazing flips and wild maneuvers. Mary mastered a front flip. Elijah and Morgan played lots of dodge ball and bounced super high hitting the hanging balls. Jordan ruled the foam pits and dodge ball. Daddy got to be a kid again. Mommy got her pictures and reclined on comfy couches in the parents look out. By the time our one hour was up they were sweaty, sore, out of breath and delighted with all the fun they had. This was by far a five star family fun night!!!!
DSC_15492014-07-21 21.03.082014-07-21 21.01.58DSC_1515

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