Springville Splash Pad

Yesterday we ventured out to have some water fun at Springville’s  splash pad. We were meeting up with a Mom’s group that started out to be a big group but dwindled down to only us and another family. Still there were 11 kids in all with 2 Mamas. This was our first time going and though it took about 45 minutes to get there it was an easy enough drive and well worth it if you plan to stay and play a few hours. It’s a great splash pad spread out with a huge turf and mulch play ground next to it. The playground had 6 sections to it with a gazebo and picnic tables. They had a concession stand and two sets of bathrooms. The park is surrounded by a clear flowing creek that the kids could get in also and there were more picnic tables along the creek. There were also ducks in and by the creek that entertained the kids as well. They just started charging $1 per person 3 years and up and $5 per covered picnic table for just in the splash pad area to try to cut down on the large volume of day cares and schools showing up and piling all there gear on the tables. I can totally understand that and it seems to have helped at least give single family groups an opportunity to have a covered table.  We packed a picnic lunch and plenty of drinks so we could refuel to play a while and ended up staying nearly 3 hours! We certainly got our $4 worth of fun for sure!!





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