MS Coast Visit

Long Beach1
We spent some time down visiting family on the MS Gulf Coast. As always the kiddos enjoyed a bit of beach time and then cooling off and rinsing off at the splash pad.  Joseph, Jordan and Mary enjoyed making sand castles while Hanson was not very keen on the whole beach thing. He did not like the sand one bit and several times said, “Let’s Go”. He did however love the splash pad which really surprised me since he freaks out if he gets his face wet in the bath tub, but he ran through the ring of mist/sprinklers and had a great time! There was a lot of time spent with cousins and the older boys even worked 2 days with Pawpaw at his store. Hanson enjoyed playing with Grammy’s puppy Coco and Mary and cousin Keegan played non-stop on tablets together. Joseph and Jordan were thrilled that they are now finally big enough to play pool on Pawpaw’s table! It was good seeing everyone and catching up with life long friends. Between lacrosse practices, traveling to tournaments, Trey’s work, Elijah’s work, Joseph’s lawn service and school starting back so early this year we were glad to have gotten to get down there. LongBeach2LongBeach3
Thank you Grammy and Pawpaw for putting up with our large gang!