Swedish Candle

Swiss candle
Once again Trey captured the children’s attention by showing them how to make a Swedish Candle using one log cut in fours, bailing wire and kindling. It put out a pretty impressive flame at times. It was fun making smores in our front yard too! We have been having unusually cool days here including nice breezes and it made our little camp ground all the more enjoyable this evening. Trey played some tunes on the boom speaker, kids ran around in the yard, tossed the lacrosse ball, had horsey rides(on our neighbor), watched the fire and simply enjoyed the tranquil summer night.
Swiss candle1.5
Swiss candle2

Ditch Diggers

I’m so thankful for these four hard-working boys today. They worked continuously together deepening and widening the dried up ditch. It was a group effort with the pick ax, bow rake, multiple shovels but they got the job done all in a days work. Thank you boys, you make your Mama and Daddy proud!


BSC and The Color Tunnel


Checked off another local outing last night. We started off visiting the campus of Birmingham Southern College to show Elijah around and for Trey and I to see it too. There is an upcoming lacrosse camp there in a few weeks and the BSC lacrosse coach has sent Elijah several email invitations and really wants him to come. Elijah just came back from a big lacrosse trip to Connecticut and he’s already done other camps and tournaments so we weren’t so gun-ho about him turning right around to do another recruiter camp especially if he had no interest in attending/applying to that school. I think it’s safe to say we were all impressed and surprised with the size, beauty, esthetics, grounds, buildings, dorms with to-die-for views, the training fields as well as the stadium and weight room. Our short visit gave us a lot to think about as a local college option. Still not sure if he’s going to do this BSC lacrosse camp but at least he’s had a taste of the campus incase he decides to pursue it. So once the sun went down on our walking tour of the campus we headed over to downtown Birmingham just a short drive from BSC and found the Color Tunnel! RainbowTunnel2

I’ve read a bunch about them and one of my friends even blogged about taking her little girl there so it’s something we’ve been meaning to get to. There’s not a lot of hoop-la to it just a vehicle and pedestrian tunnel under a train track they’ve added lights to but they are ever-changing colors which is mesmerizing and pretty to see. Jordan and Joseph liked trying to out run the lights as they changed color from one end to the other. You won’t spend much time there but it’s a nice outing and you can check it off as a been there, seen that event! After the Color Tunnel we took our thirsty bunch for milkshakes. Another fun family night!


Rainbow Tunnel1

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At the Movies

Trying to squeeze some last minute family time in before school starts. While we all went to the movies together we ended up splitting up into separate age appropriate/interest movies. Elijah and Morgan saw Spiderman 2. Trey, Joseph and Jordan saw Captain America 2 and Mary, Hanson and I saw Rio 2. This sure was the season of sequels. While Hanson did pretty well during the movies he still is not truly old enough to go. He loves the popcorn and the runway lights on the floor but tires of it and simply gets up and says, “Let’s Go”, “Please please let’s go”, “Mommy please let’s Go!!!” and so on. After the movies we headed to Second and Charles bookstore for enjoyment and needing to get last minute required reading books. So happy we were actually able to get the ones we needed plus some other great finds. We finished up the evening grabbing a bite at Costco and swirl frozen yogurt for all.

Air Walk

We finally made it to Air Walk!!! We have been trying to get there all summer long but with lacrosse practices or tournaments, Trey working or out of town, Elijah working at snow cone shack, Joseph mowing yards, Trey tennis, Mary on Coast, or me just too tired by evening it took us a while to make it happen. I am so glad we finally got to go because every one had way more fun than we could have imagined. The kids were so surprised and thrilled when we pulled up to the building. Everyone had a blast! Even Trey got out there and jumped some and played a couple rounds of Dodge Ball. Leaping off a platform onto a trampoline and into the massive foam pit was such a thrill for them all. So much Fun!! Hanson really got into it as he stayed near Mary. Joseph was doing his amazing flips and wild maneuvers. Mary mastered a front flip. Elijah and Morgan played lots of dodge ball and bounced super high hitting the hanging balls. Jordan ruled the foam pits and dodge ball. Daddy got to be a kid again. Mommy got her pictures and reclined on comfy couches in the parents look out. By the time our one hour was up they were sweaty, sore, out of breath and delighted with all the fun they had. This was by far a five star family fun night!!!!
DSC_15492014-07-21 21.03.082014-07-21 21.01.58DSC_1515

Steel City Showcase

Steel City1
Steel City Showcase Shines Bright for Birmingham

Posted on July 18, 2014 by Rebecca Kent

Steel City Showcase and its club sponsor Lacrosse Academy of Birmingham recently completed the inaugural Steel City Showcase Tournament July 12th-13th. In doing so, the tournament founders and volunteer staff have set the new gold standard for tournaments across the country. Improving the tournament experience was the primary goal for neighboring states who traveled to Birmingham this past weekend. The Steel City Showcase is now ranked #1 nationally, decided by the 44 teams who entered the event. Tournament chairmen, Trey Garrett, was quoted in a recent interview.

“We set the bar high, but we did not know the response would be this incredible. We are proud of our event and we look forward to raising the bar higher next year. Simply put, we will be the best event in America, no questions asked. We challenge any event to come try and beat us, the Steel City Showcase is putting events all across America on notice.”

In researching this question further, we reached out to established and prominent club director Pat Dimento of hailed club No Excuse Memphis, Memphis, TN. His response is quoted.

“This is the best event in America. Texas previously did a great job in the past, but this event has taken over. We appreciate the invitation and look forward to returning.”

Throughout the field, this sentiment proved equal to Mr. Dimento’s response. Ten other clubs from the states of Tennessee, Florida, Georgia, and Louisiana agreed 100% with the same reaction. Steel City Showcase and the City of Birmingham has positively made a huge impression. LAB co-founder, Frank Bemis, reacted with the following comments.

“We wanted to completely improve the tournament experience for people traveling to our city. I think we did that positively. Hospitality and organization were our intended goals. We are thankful to all those who gave us this opportunity. Our volunteers and tournament executive committee were unbelievably passionate and cooperative about putting on a first-rate event. All the credit goes out to the volunteers who made it happen, and yes, hats off to the executive tournament committee for their incredible preparation and planning. Event operations manager, Rebecca Kent, was key to the success. Many thanks goes out to her services. Everybody did a great job!”

Steel City2
Morgan did great this weekend winning at least 85% of his face-offs, having several assist and goals as well! Morgan’s U15B team played fantastic finishing the weekend 4 wins and 1 tie taking them to the finals where they came in Runner Up for their division. Way to go fellas, we are so proud of you and all your dedication, teamwork and determination throughout this summer at LAB practices and especially at this first annual Steel City Showcase. Well done!

Springville Splash Pad

Yesterday we ventured out to have some water fun at Springville’s  splash pad. We were meeting up with a Mom’s group that started out to be a big group but dwindled down to only us and another family. Still there were 11 kids in all with 2 Mamas. This was our first time going and though it took about 45 minutes to get there it was an easy enough drive and well worth it if you plan to stay and play a few hours. It’s a great splash pad spread out with a huge turf and mulch play ground next to it. The playground had 6 sections to it with a gazebo and picnic tables. They had a concession stand and two sets of bathrooms. The park is surrounded by a clear flowing creek that the kids could get in also and there were more picnic tables along the creek. There were also ducks in and by the creek that entertained the kids as well. They just started charging $1 per person 3 years and up and $5 per covered picnic table for just in the splash pad area to try to cut down on the large volume of day cares and schools showing up and piling all there gear on the tables. I can totally understand that and it seems to have helped at least give single family groups an opportunity to have a covered table.  We packed a picnic lunch and plenty of drinks so we could refuel to play a while and ended up staying nearly 3 hours! We certainly got our $4 worth of fun for sure!!





Connecticut Bound

Trey and Morgan drove Elijah to Atlanta to catch his direct flight to Bridgeport, CT today. For the next four days he will be meeting, training with and playing games with his Southern Combat (SoCo) American Elite team. This is a team made up of boys from all over the states and this is their first time coming together as a team. Elijah attended the SoCo camp here in Birmingham this summer and was picked to play on the All-stars team the final day. He was then selected/invited to join this Elite traveling team.


Boarding the plane!

Trey has a co-worker that lives in CT that picked Elijah up at the airport and then drove him to the hotel where the entire team is staying. So nice having contacts all over. We are so grateful for Mr. Mark collecting our boy and getting him to the hotel! The first two days will be practice at an indoor facility and then Saturday and Sundays games will be played at Fairfield University.  It is so strange to send your teen son on a plane to an unfamiliar destination to be cared for by people you only know via emails and a brief face to face with one at the local camp.  The event is well organized and the boys that flew in without parents are rooming two to a room and then being shuttled to and from the facilities each day. While it is well organized and planned out its still an odd feeling to not be there with him.We are excited and nervous for him. This is an adventure full of first for all of us. It’s an incredible opportunity for Elijah and his future for playing college lacrosse as there will be several college recruiters scouting the boys on game days. Elijah is excited about meeting and getting to know some of the college coaches to help him decide on a school if he were to get a scholarship offer,  but I can’t imagine Elijah leaving home and being on his own at college in two short years!! This Mama can’t handle the thought of it right now. Love this boy with all my heart. He is a treasure. So blessed to call him son!


Checking into his room. So grown up.

Summer Blast


Having a blast at Church of the Highland’s Summer Blast (VBS)! Learning to 1) Love God because God is love and he first loved us. 2) Love people because God loves all people.  3) Do your best and God does the rest. 4)  Have fun because God gives us joy!!