Culture Day

Today we headed downtown to get a taste of culture, well at least tried to immerse ourselves in it. We went to the Birmingham Museum of Art where they got to do an art craft and play on the mega light boards, art tablets and pottery wheel. They even had a photo booth where we could have our pictures taken with a painting in the background and then have it emailed to us. How cool is that! There were really cool puppets and blocks, puzzles, chalk table, magnetic walls and lots of other sensory stimulating things. Everyone enjoyed it and it’s a definite gotta go back again!wpid-photogrid_1403403715727.jpg
We also explored Linn Park downtown and visited 16st Street Baptist Church. I was surprised how much Joseph, Mary and Jordan knew about this historic landmark. As we were walking up to it and I was telling them what we where going to visit and they were like, “is this the church where the 4 little girls were killed?”. They apparently all remember a lot of the details they learned during the Civil Rights unit at school. They were excited about actually seeing the place they had learned about. It was a fun day and I know there are many other sites to see downtown but I am terrible finding them downtown with all the one-way streets and turning around and finding parking so hopefully we can get Daddy to escort us to some other great sites.wpid-bm20b81.jpg.jpeg


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