Look Who’s 2!!


Happy 2nd Birthday Sweet Hanson! You bring so much joy to our family!


Hanson had quite a lot of fun at his 2nd Birthday! He loves, loves, loves trains and so it was a Thomas the Train theme this year. It was only our family at his party as he is so bashful. We wanted him to enjoy his presents and cupcakes and not hide behind us the whole time so we just kept it simple. He was ecstatic over the bubbles and so funny opening his cards from the Grandparents. He was so cute looking at the cards and the characters on them. Thank you Grammy and Pawpaw and Mammaw and Pawpaw for the money and gift card. Hans also got a basketball goal from us and the Little Peoples farm/barn that we had been saving in the attic. He loved it! The big boys have been playing lots of basketball in the driveway so now Hans can play with his goal alongside his bros!



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