Southern Combat Showcase

Elijah participated in the Southern Combat Showcase here in Birmingham this weekend playing games in front of coaches/recruiters from Division I, II, and III colleges such as Dartmouth, Millsaps, Yale, Birmingham Southern, Ohio State, Furman, Huntington and others. This was a by invitation only showcase.  Elijah was invited by the coach from Millsaps. There were so many boys from all over the country that came this weekend hoping to be recognized by colleges. There were boys from Texas, California, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, Missouri, Washington, Tennessee just all over!

Oak Mountain High School Men’s Lacrosse Facebook page wrote:
“Shout out to OM’s Elijah Garrett killing it in Southern Combat Showcase today! 4 goals & 6 assists in 1st game w/ a Thompson-esque backhander.”- Coach Springer

After playing 3 games Friday night and four Saturday, Elijah made the SoCo Nationals All-Star Team! They picked the first team and he wasn’t called. The second team started picking and called out offensive players last, Elijah was the last name called! Whew! Talk about an ecstatic boy (family too!)!!! Elijah did great and stood out the whole weekend. He scored in the last seconds of the 1st Half of the All-Star game!

Not only did Elijah get seen by several college coaches and get lots of high level playing time they also provided information on approaching colleges and the do’s and don’ts of contacting schools/coaches, recruiting advice. All in all we feel like this was a very successful weekend for him. He went away with it having learned valuable skills, techniques, pointers from top-notch coaches, players and former MLL players. For the weekend Elijah scored 14 goals and got 15 or 16 assists!! Good job Elijah!!!!!


On Sunday Morgan was invited to participate in a “Face Off” clinic with 2  local boys who both got Division I scholarships and two other boys. They were instructed by a former Major League Lacrosse player from Massachusetts, pretty awesome for Morgan!  They went over body positions, stick positions, face off fundamentals even video taping them. They watched the reels with the player, critiquing them and then going back on the field and worked on what they saw and learned from their film. It was quite impressive and Morgan did great even winning balls from the college guys! The coach couldn’t believe it when Trey mentioned he was only 14 years old going into 9th grade.

So proud of both of our guys. Can’t wait to see where God leads our sons and how lacrosse will play into their futures.


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