Womb with a View


We are so happy to show off our sweet baby!!!  We had our long anatomical ultrasound where they check, measure, calculate, recheck, collect data and make sure everything that should be growing on the inside is and baby is measuring according to calculated due date. Oh and they also check sex of baby but Trey and I gazed into each others eyes as the technician checked and recorded whether our baby was a boy or a girl. 


It was wonderful seeing our baby’s sweet profile as he/she touched his/her face throughout the scan and seeing perfectly formed leg bones and spine and strong beating heart. My this baby actually looks long! At one point I had a bit of sensory overload as Trey rubbed my hand, the technician pushed and rolled the device on my abdomen, I watched the baby moving on the monitor and I felt him/her move inside me. A bit too much going on at the same time.


The technician was great throughout the scan and got some really spectacular views for us. After our scan we waited forever to see our doctor who so enjoys telling and congratulating parents on the sex of their baby. He said that was one of his favorite parts of his job so he concentrated hard on just going over facts that the ultrasound revealed which was all good and quickly moved onto other things without revealing baby’s sex. While we truly do not know if we’re having a boy or a girl it is a little odd having other people know who your baby is and you don’t.  This was the first time Trey met our doctor and they hit it off smashingly. The plan is for Trey to actually deliver our baby and be the one to announce who I have been carrying all these months! Can not wait!!!



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