Last Day of School Goodies

Trey and I were in Gatlinburg, TN on the kids official last day of school. Sticking with tradition of getting end of school treats, happies or small gifts, I made sure their gifts were ready before we went out of town. Mums the word on what surprise they’ll receive when they get home but they have been anticipating something all week and asking if it’s gonna be this or that. I’m sure the younger ones wondered if they would get anything at all since Mom was gone on their last day. Thank goodness for Pawpaw being here to put out their goody bags and pass out fudge pops and popsicles. They were happy kids when they got off the bus and found their bags waiting for them.






They all got their own favorite chips and candy and several books for summer reading. They each have a series they are really into right now so they got anywhere from 3-5 books depending on what they lacked or what was available. They were all very pleased with their prizes! Elijah and Morgan got fewer books because they also got Syracuse Lacrosse shirts, socks and new shafts for their incredible A Honor Rolls!!! So proud of them and their perseverance in earning high marks. Yeah NO MORE SCHOOL!!!!!!

Thanks to Pawpaw for being photographer or this post wouldn’t exist!!!


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