Boys’ First Jeep

In keeping with our addiction to JEEPS we bought Elijah and Morgan their first Jeep, a 2001 Jeep Cherokee. Trey had been searching eBay and local car dealerships for quite a while and came across this sweet ride. It was located just north of Atlanta so Trey and I drove over on our way to his business trip to Gatlinburg to test drive it. We ended up buying it and driving it up to Chattanooga on our way to Gatlinburg where we dropped it off at a Firestone to have the air conditioner taken care of and then had a trim shop in town replace the headliner while it was there. Trey and I rode onto Gatlinburg for his business trip and picked it up two days later on our way home. The day after we got home and revealed it to the boys Trey had a new Alpine Bluetooth CD/radio installed. We have a few more small items like replacing the passenger side mirror and getting its tag and we’d like to add a front brush guard but other than that it’s all ready to go. We got this great 1st vehicle for $2,800.00!!!! They were pretty stoked by it and we think it’s the perfect lacrosse gear carrying vehicle. Of course it is really Elijah’s right now as Morgan is still 14yrs old but will get his permit when he turns 15yrs this Fall.


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