Battle of the Books: Morgan

Day 2 was Middle School teams competing in the Shelby County Battle of the Books. Morgan was also Captain of his team, Captain Morgan! He was amazing and I’m not just saying that because I’m his mom. I was really impressed with his quickness in buzzing in and getting so many questions correct over and over and over again. He started Battle of the Books when he was in 5th grade, so this is his 4th year competing.
Morgan BOB1
Morgan BOB2Morgan Top Point Earner

Again Trey and I took turns watching rounds while the other hung out with Hanson. The Middle Schools did not go to playoffs this year. They had enough teams to do a Round Robin format in which they competed in 5 rounds then lunch then 2 more rounds and then awards ceremony. We knew Morgan would definitely get Top Point Earner for his team but were so proud and happy for him in earning the Overall Top Point Earner too with 590 points! He was thrilled to get such a large trophy and was really happy was he knew he could keep it and not just have it displayed at school. Way to go Morgan! And way to go for setting the bar high for your brothers too.


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