Battle of the Books: Joseph

It’s that time of year again when Joseph, Morgan and Elijah compete in the Battle of the Books competition. Think of Scholars Bowl but with students reading 6-8 required books, memorizing them forwards and backwards and answering questions about the books in a game show style with buzzers. It’s insanely addictive to watch! These B.O.B team kids are incredible, all the schools were top-notch and great competition. Day one was the elementary students, day two was the middle school and then day three the high school. Trey and I took turns going into watch rounds while the other stayed outside or in the truck with Hans. Hanson has recently formed a strong attachment to Trey’s big Dodge truck so he was super happy hanging out in it.

Joe BOB1
Joseph was on fire again this year as Captain of the First Forest Oaks Elementary School B.O.B team. His team did quite well but did not place this year. There were so many teams that only lost one round that they had to then go back and do some strategic math to figure out which two teams would compete in the finals. Pretty impressive!
Joe Bob2


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