Mississippi College

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Over Spring Break we took a trip to Mississippi College for Elijah to have a tour and introduction to MC in Jackson, MS. While Trey, Elijah and Morgan met with MC staff and recruiters the 4 younger ones and I stretched our legs around campus. It’s a gorgeous campus with great landscaping, sidewalks, statues, sculptures and fountains. MC educates around 5,000 students which is a lot more than I thought this small college would have. Along the way Trey, Elijah and Morgan appeared with their tour guide and we all joined them for a walking tour of the campus. I bet we were quite a sight! The tour guide said they love big families and have many students that come from large families! Elijah was really impressed with the entire campus and all it offered and was ready to commit right then and there! The only negative. . . they don’t have a lacrosse team, not even a men’s club:( After the tour we were ALL treated to free lunch in the cafeteria which everyone was ready for and was so convenient. They had quite a selection and Friday was a special Ice Cream dessert day which meant our kiddos got big waffle cone ice cream cones for dessert. Score!! What a treat for them all. After lunch we were off to Millsaps for Trey and Elijah to meet the men’s lacrosse coach and yet another tour.
MS College


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