The Park

These were taken a few weeks ago but better late than never. Just a nice sunny day at the park letting the kids run and stretch. It’s been a while since we had such a pretty day so they were oh so happy to get to play a while.

Battle of the Books: Elijah

Well we made it to Day 3 and it was spectacular! Just like Morgan, Elijah’s high school team played 5 rounds had lunch then played the last 2 rounds. Going into lunch their team had only lost one round by 30 points which was one toss up with bonus questions. His team had a bit of drama due to one of his team mates calling out the answer before being recognized! She had buzzed in first but answered prior to the judge calling her name which gave the question to the other team. Since our girl had just answered correctly they just repeated her answer then they answered the bonus questions. That was our losing moment for that round. They had lunch then won the 6th round. The 7th and last round was a head to head match as Elijah’s team answered then the other team and back and forth they went up and down and tied and up and down and then She did it again! SHE answered without being recognized in the second to last period of the last round!!!!! Oh the drama, the hand wrenching, teeth gnashing, fist clenching that occurred by Trey! Ha!!!! I was out in the truck with Hans getting updated play by play text. So it was back and forth, we were down going into the last question. The question was asked and there was silence, no movement, no buzzing in, no buzzers lighting up and the clock was counting down . . .  at the very last moment Juliet buzzed in, got recognized and answered correctly giving us the WIN!!!!
We knew Elijah and Juliet were really tight when it came down to points they had earned and we picked on Juliet telling her to not blow Elijah’s winning streak or his brothers would not let him live it down. We were elated when it came to awards ceremony and Elijah and Juliet tied for Top Point Earner for their team! Having only lost 1 round out of 7 Elijah’s team was awarded Battle of the Books 2014 FIRST PLACE TEAM!!! Congratulations Elijah on getting Top Point Earner and 1st Place!! So glad we were able to be there, what a great 3 days of B.O.B!!!

Battle of the Books: Morgan

Day 2 was Middle School teams competing in the Shelby County Battle of the Books. Morgan was also Captain of his team, Captain Morgan! He was amazing and I’m not just saying that because I’m his mom. I was really impressed with his quickness in buzzing in and getting so many questions correct over and over and over again. He started Battle of the Books when he was in 5th grade, so this is his 4th year competing.
Morgan BOB1
Morgan BOB2Morgan Top Point Earner

Again Trey and I took turns watching rounds while the other hung out with Hanson. The Middle Schools did not go to playoffs this year. They had enough teams to do a Round Robin format in which they competed in 5 rounds then lunch then 2 more rounds and then awards ceremony. We knew Morgan would definitely get Top Point Earner for his team but were so proud and happy for him in earning the Overall Top Point Earner too with 590 points! He was thrilled to get such a large trophy and was really happy was he knew he could keep it and not just have it displayed at school. Way to go Morgan! And way to go for setting the bar high for your brothers too.

Battle of the Books: Joseph

It’s that time of year again when Joseph, Morgan and Elijah compete in the Battle of the Books competition. Think of Scholars Bowl but with students reading 6-8 required books, memorizing them forwards and backwards and answering questions about the books in a game show style with buzzers. It’s insanely addictive to watch! These B.O.B team kids are incredible, all the schools were top-notch and great competition. Day one was the elementary students, day two was the middle school and then day three the high school. Trey and I took turns going into watch rounds while the other stayed outside or in the truck with Hans. Hanson has recently formed a strong attachment to Trey’s big Dodge truck so he was super happy hanging out in it.

Joe BOB1
Joseph was on fire again this year as Captain of the First Forest Oaks Elementary School B.O.B team. His team did quite well but did not place this year. There were so many teams that only lost one round that they had to then go back and do some strategic math to figure out which two teams would compete in the finals. Pretty impressive!
Joe Bob2

Baskets, Bunny, Eggs and More

Easter Bunny'14EasterBaskets1EastergreenEasterbasketsblue
This Easter the kiddos attended 3 separate egg hunts including one that our new friends and neighbor pastors’. At his church they did crafts, played games, had an Easter lesson and hunted more eggs followed by a popsicle which Hanson really enjoyed! Our kids were up bright and early to see what had been placed in their baskets. They were all pleased with their candy and treats and Hanson especially loved his talking “Dinosaur Train” dinosaurs! It was a very sweet treat filled morning.

Easter Sunday

Easter group1
What a wonderful busy Easter Sunday we had. Kids awoke to baskets filled with treats, had cinnamon roll breakfast, worshiped at church, came home to the aroma of baked ham and ate a fabulous late lunch. After lunch kids played outside, Trey tinkered with the Jeep, lacrosse ball was tossed,4-square played, Hans napped, egg hunt in our yard and egg dying took place. It was a perfectly beautiful day to enjoy outside and boy did we ever!

Easter group2
Easter3Easter4Mary EasterHans Easter stepsTrey&Steph EasterTrey,Hans,Steph Easter
What a blessed day we had celebrating our Risen Lord!

Easter 5

Eggstravaganza 2014

Eggstravaganza #1
Joseph, Jordan, Mary, and Hans had lots of fun again this year at Eggstravaganza held at a local church. They always have lots of carnival type games with Easter themed prizes or candy, inflatables of all kinds, puppet show, face painting, sack lunches, dessert, drinks, snow cones and of course an Egg Hunt all at no charge which is just the right price for this large family!! While they all had a good time I have a feeling it won’t be too long before it’s just me taking Hans and our newest addition to these fun events as the activities are better suited for pre-schoolers and young elementary children. Hard to believe that Joseph, Mary and Jordan will no longer be my 3 younger ones. They sure do grow up fast! Eggstravaganza #2Eggstravaganza singleEggstravaganza #3