Overdue Lunch date

Yesterday a long time friend came to B’ham with her children for a fun day out. We met for lunch at an Italian restaurant and caught up on each others life over a bowl of pasta. She got to meet Hanson and I marveled how much her kiddos had grown. It was so good meeting up with each other and getting to spend time together. It didn’t matter that it was only about an hour and a half, it was the quality time we had filling each other in on our family, careers, adoptions, kids activities and all. Neither of us could believe it had been 5 years since we had seen each other but I find time doesn’t matter with some friends. It all felt natural, easy, comfortable and I just delighted in being with my friend again. I have missed her and our time together however sporadic it had been over the years. It’s always good being in the company of a true friend. Determined that the time between our next visit will not be years! And to my dear sweet friend of 18+ years, a little quote from The Help-  Love you!

YouIsKind copy


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