Happy Valentine’s Day


Valentine's 2014
The kids were delighted with their Valentine’s Krispy Kreme donuts this morning. Mary and Jordan were eager to get to school with all their cards they had to give out to friends and Joseph was already strategizing on his Valentine’s bartering skills with his classmates. Elijah had gotten flowers and candy for his favorite teacher whose mother has been ill in the hospital. The flowers were for the teacher to give to her mother and the candy(not Valentine’s) were for the teacher. Sweet boy! Morgan had cookies he was taking for friends and a little something else . . . a little pot! That’s right Morgan took a little pot not a lot just a little pot to school! I wasn’t so sure how it was going to play out but when he came home he was all smiles and said every one loved his “pot”. Such the jokester that boy! And now for Hanson. He was happily eating a donut and watching his show in my room so I got into the shower. When I got out Hanson was no longer in my room so I went into the family room, no Hanson. I heard the slightest noise coming from the kitchen so I peaked in and there was Hanson laying on his tummy face down in the remaining Krispy Kreme donut box licking the box along with Lulu! That box had 6-7 donuts left in it!!! I went for my camera but in the meantime he got up, picked up the box and put it in the recycling bag (I did get that picture). No telling how the box got on the ground. I’m thinking he wanted another donut so Mr. Long Arms simply reached for the box on the counter perhaps spilling or dropping it and then Lulu was there to devour the tasty treats. I’m sure Hanson didn’t get any bites but enjoyed licking up the sugar like Lulu. So much for after school donut snack for his brothers and sister! What do you do? At least this sweet 20 month old cleans up after himself and puts the empty box in recycling! A Valentine’s morning to remember! After getting us both dressed we were off to the airport to pick up Daddy which was the best Valentine’s gift for he had been gone all week! So glad to have him home and so fun telling Trey about Hanson’s donut mischief!


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