UNC Lacrosse Camp


This young man could not have been more excited than he was on this day!! Over Christmas break he found out he was awarded a scholarship through Lacrosse Academy of Birmingham to attend the University of North Caroline Tar Heel’s lacrosse camp! He was one of 7 LAB boys that were chosen to go on this all expenses paid training camp at UNC. . . Elijah’s #1 Favorite University (Trey’s Too!)!!! Not only was he going to be playing on UNC campus, but he would also be flying for the first time. We didn’t find out till a few days before they were to leave that they would be taking a private plane. Oh and he ended up sitting in the cockpit with the pilot on the flight up. Such an adventure for this 10th grade boy! Another Mom came up with the idea to have all the boys wear blazers and khakis instead of shorts and t-shirts as a Thank You: Appreciation to Coach J. for this wonderful opportunity. They surprised us all and showed up looking all gentlemanly and Coach J was quite taken back by the gesture. He couldn’t stop smiling! When the boys arrived at UNC they had a “Meet and Greet” at the hotel with all the attending Coaches and those running the camp. Most of the other campers were there with their parents and our boys were the only GROUP that came and they were the only boys dressed for success! Coach J said they stood out among all the other boys and got lots of attention from the D1 coaches. Coach said having the boys dress so sharp was brilliant! The camp had 250 campers with 25 Division 1 Lacrosse coaches running drills, coaching, giving tips to the players. They also had several UNC lacrosse players helping out too.  Elijah had a blast learning new drills, plays and getting to talk one on one with these impressive D1 College Coaches. He loved the campus and the whole entire trip. It was a great experience and great exposure for Elijah.

Pilot, good looking lacrosse boys and Coach J

Pilot, good-looking lacrosse boys and Coach J

UNC camp

Elijah in red helmet doing drills.

Elijah in red helmet doing drills.



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