And then he was 11

Joseph BDAY1

A boy, his bike and all his gear heading to his best buds house!

A boy, his bike and all his gear heading to his best buds house!

Oh goodness Joseph was not wanting a photo shoot for his 11th Birthday! He was not feeling it and kept spitting out stipulations on these pictures. “I don’t give authorization for flash photography!”, “This does not go on Facebook!!”, “Don’t put this on your blog!!!”, “Woman you’re a crazy Mamarattzi!”, “AHHHH help me no more pictures!” were just a few of his statements he called out as he tried to run from me all the while smiling and toiling with this Mama. Yes, I was the Mom chasing her son down with a camera in the front yard! He loves it and I know it, he’s just playing the cool I’m-too-old-for-this act now that he’s a BIG 11! Well I trump all his stipulations and that’s the end of that!
We didn’t truly Celebrate his Birthday today due to the great Winter Storm Leon hitting us and stopping the mail which has his Birthday presents coming. We did get him his own hot wings and a Birthday “Goody” Bag with lots of treats and he will get his other gifts hopefully by this weekend if the mail can get through. He’s also going to go to the BMX track with a couple of friends this weekend to Celebrate.

Happy 11th Birthday Joseph! Don't grow up too fast!

Happy 11th Birthday Joseph! Don’t grow up too fast!



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