Dry Spell Broken

Hurray for Trey! He finally got a BUCK! He has had more opportunities this year than any other year hunting several locations (States) with no success in getting one.  Many times he didn’t even see a buck throughout his whole hunt or if he did they were too young. This was a surprise buck to say the least. He wasn’t even hunting this morning, he and his Dad were drinking coffee in the kitchen while they watched the does come in. When they saw this buck Trey had his gun inside with him but NO AMMO, his ammo was left in the hunting blind with no way to get it without spooking the deer. He had another gun but it was in the cabin the boys were sleeping in so he asked his Dad for his gun which was locked up in the safe. It was a frantic exciting moment for father and son as they looked through binoculars and strategize on how to take this buck down. There are lots more details to this but to cut it short Trey snuck out of the house, went around the cabin watched the does carefully and when they would lower their heads to eat he would take a step or two then freeze, watch them some more because if they got alarmed at all then the whole thing was over! The buck was also grazing and moving along so he had to keep an eye on the buck and the does and control his breathing and shorten the distance too. It was a glorious hunt much better than just sitting in a blind, definitely one to remember!


Here is what he wrote on Facebook about his buck:

“Finally broke the dry spell. Blessed in Texas. I had gun and ammo issues when he came in so my Dad gave me his gun. I had to put the creep on him and shot him free hand.”- Trey

DSC_0268 DSC_0269 DSC_0272 DSC_0275DSC_0273



Trey’s old fighter Texas Buck: 10 point, 15 inch spread, 2 broke tines and 3 chipped tines


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