Yep Strep!


Joseph started running fever, feeling faint, dizzy, super sore throat and all around full body aches. . . Great! He stayed home today along with Jordan who has the stomach bug which will just have to run its coarse and hopefully not spread throughout the whole family. So after a trip to the doctor and a throat culture he got the news. . . Yep it’s strep!! Uggg!!!!



So Mr. Joseph got a “this will make you not contagious in 24hours” shot in the tush plus an antibiotic. Daddy came home sick from his hunting-camping  trip along with an irritating bout of poison ivy so he’s on antibiotics, steroids for the poison ivy and special $10 bar of poison ivy soap! Poor Daddy! So hoping these viruses, colds, allergies and what-nots will not be hanging out at our home for long!


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