Mary’s Poland Package


Every year for Mary’s Birthday she is blessed with a package from her Polish foster family. They were her sweet devoted family since she was a baby and love her so much. Mary looks forward to her Poland Package so much, actually that is her most wanted gift! You should see her face light up when it arrives! She is so tickled at the familiarity of the candy/sweets packaging and loves reading or having her special card read to her. The Widlo family will always and forever be a part of Mary’s life story. I know they love and miss her and I am so glad to share our experience we had with them with Mary as they were so welcoming and helpful to us during our stay in Poland. I can’t speak for the entire Polish foster care system but I can say that the Widlo Family is a wonderful, loving, caring foster family and the children that get to come to their home are the lucky ones and are well taken care of.


Thank you Widlo family for all of Mary’s yummy treats and her beautiful necklace, she loved it! It means so very much to her each and every year!!!


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