Halloween 2013

It was a wet night of getting treats for our Mandalorian, Crocket, Skeleton, 2 Astronauts and Maverick!

It was a wet night of getting treats for our Mandalorian, Crocket, Skeleton, 2 Astronauts and Maverick!


Mary and Hans were the Astronauts from the new Sandra Bullock/George Clooney movie!


Jordan wore his skeleton shirt to school and was a skeleton at night. He really wanted a Morph suit but didn’t decide till last minute (no big surprise there) and I refused to pay $40 for a costume so this was the next best thing!


Morgan aka “Crocket” from Miami Vice was a big hit with the adults! All the parents knew who he was immediately and loved it which meant Crocket got lots of candy! One lady had him come inside as she looped her arm around his claiming Crocket was her high school crush and she just had to get a picture with him!!!! Oh he ate that up!! Another house played the Miami Vice theme song for him through their outdoor speaker! LOL!!


Elijah was “Maverick” from Top Gun. He ended going over to a friends house to hang out with other friends and trick-or-treated with them and their younger siblings.


And Joseph made his entire Star Wars Mandalorian costume!  He has been working on it on and off for over a month. He designed it, created, painted with several layers and techniques and put it all together! He did it all out of our recycling cardboard, plastic folder and a cape we already had. There was so much detail to it but with the misty then rainy weather it didn’t hold up to well. The helmet kept fogging up and he couldn’t breath(note cut vents to breath) which frustrated him. The thigh armor kept sliding down and his new converses well were not broken in so his feet hurt. Poor fella was not having a good attire outcome. He had worked so hard on it and it really was amazing but the rain was not kind to it at all! Oh and he is also writing a story about his Star Wars Mandalorian character! It isn’t for school or any thing, that’s just Joseph!


Despite the rain with not many houses participating they all had fun and came home with quite a bounty loot!!


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