Meet the Teacher

“Meet the Teacher” a.k.a  “Parent’s Pre-Party” while at the same time “The Account Drainer” from all the school “donations”, club fees, lunch accounts that are paid!  Joseph, Jordan and Mary are all at the Intermediate school temporarily until the new Forest Oaks Elementary School is complete. The target date is to move in after Thanksgiving break, fingers crossed.  This is the first year for Jordan and Mary to be in separate classes which was received with some tiny tears from Mary and protest from Jordan that he wouldn’t be there to keep the bullies from teasing Mary!  Joseph quickly reassured them that his school had a strict NO BULLYING LAW and besides who was dumb enough to pick on her with 2 brothers in the same school! Mary was happy once we told her who her teacher was, her long time love interest Evan’s Mom!  According to Joseph, Jordan has the best room ever. . . the secret room!!! It’s a lone room down the end of a hall where the door is tucked back so you don’t see a doorway when you look down the hall.  Jordan LOVES his teacher, kept smiling sweetly at her and holding back hugs although he did give her quite a few too! DSC_0381DSC_0382DSC_0386DSC_0387DSC_0385DSC_0389


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