Adopt Regular Black Children

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Many of you  know our history in adoption. We’ve shared with many about pros and cons in both International and Domestic adoption and we’ve advocated for waiting children so I share this in jest.  There is some truth in this comedy skit which may make some squeamish but it’s not shared to make anyone feel bad so don’t take offense. It’s satire people! It’s okay to laugh! But if you want to sink your teeth into something consider this NPR piece.

NPR continues a series of conversations about The Race Card Project, where thousands of people have submitted their thoughts on race and cultural identity in six words. Every so often NPR Host/Special Correspondent Michele Norris will dip into those six-word stories to explore issues surrounding race and cultural identity for Morning Edition. You can find hundreds of six-word submissions and submit your own at

Americans adopt thousands of children each year. And as the nation has become increasingly diverse, and with the growth of international adoption in recent decades, many of those children don’t look like their adoptive parents. That intersection of race and adoption has prompted many people to submit their six words to The Race Card Project, including this submission from a Louisiana woman: “Black babies cost less to adopt.”

Moving through the process would be quicker if the family was open to adopting an African-American (not biracial) child, the social worker explained. “And that is because they have children of color waiting,” Lantz says. Adopting biracial, Latino, Asian or Caucasian children could be a slower process, because there were more parents waiting for them.

‘White Parents Raise Beautifully Diverse Children’

BMX Buddies

After dropping off the older boys at lacrosse practice Trey took Joseph and Jordan to Oak Mountain State Park BMX track to burn off for some full throttle boy adrenaline. They had a blast catching air, going down the big hill and traversing the side walls. It was a hot day so afterwards they cooled down by riding in the back of Trey’s truck while he gunned it through the lakes overflow. Gotta love summer!



Puppy Love



Jordan had lots of snuggle time with Lily. He loves her so much and she puts up with a lot. Just can’t wait till she out grows her random peeing in the house, digging up my flowers, hiding whole rats or rabbits in my flower beds to surprise me, running off at first chance and bad barking habit! She is 90% beautiful head ache just trying to stay calm until she grows into a good old dog. Children are so much easier than pets!!





Dyeing Heads

The guys have started a new hobby connected with their love of lacrosse. So many stick heads look just alike so my guys have started customizing their heads.  Morgan took this plain white head, added star stickers to one side and hot glue stripes then died the stars side blue and the striped side red along with the mesh to create his patriotic lacrosse head. He did a fantastic job too.  After all parts are dyed then into the freezer it goes for some time which hardens the glue and makes it easy to pop off. He then restrung the pouch all by himself and whalah . . .  his personalized head!


Hanson’s 1st Birthday!


Hanson Reyer Garrett you are ONE ! ! ! How does a year go by soooo fast? Our sweet baby is no longer a tiny swaddled babe, but a true toddler now.  We are over joyed to have the honor of being this little boys Daddy and Mommy and so thankful for his brave Birthmom allowing us to do so. She is an amazing young lady and she will forever be on our hearts as we raise Hanson.  Sweet boy didn’t quite know what to think of his Birthday cake but was more than happy with all the new fun toys he received! Perhaps next year he will be more into getting his hands dirty with his smash cake! Happy 1st Birthday to our amazing beautiful bundle of boy; we love you oh so much sweet Hans!!!

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