Introducing Mary Musgrove

Mary and Jordan’s class had to do a report on a past famous person which involved lots of research, writing paragraphs, presenting the information orally with or without posters or other aides and dressing in character as that famous person.  Mary chose to be Mary Musgrove on the sole basis that they shared the same name and she was pretty! We had never heard of Mary Musgrove so we all learned about an important historical person.

Mary Musgrove (ca. 1700- ca.1763) was the daughter of an English trader and his Creek Indian wife.  She was sent to Charles Town to learn Christianity and English establishing her as both bicultural and bilingual.  She was important because she was a trader between the Creek Indians and the English tradesmen. She and her husband helped establish Savannah, Georgia.  She was an interpreter between the natives and the English helping to keep the peace in Georgia. For all her work she was granted St. Catherine’s Island in Georgia.



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