Early Risers


If we knew then what we know now then we would have let the boys get DSI’s a long, long time ago!  They both bought DSI’s on ebay with their own money. Jordan bought a DSI XL with a Nerf case and   Joseph bought a DSI Lite. While they are great for playing games they also have a handy feature . . . an alarm clock!  These two have set their alarms and have gotten up and dressed and dogs out to potty and breakfast made all before our 6:00 a.m. alarm goes off.  I tell them they are getting up too early but they say they like to get up that early so they have lots of time to relax or play before they go to school!  They are quite a pair. Joseph makes the waffles or pop-tarts and Jordan gets the drinks.  Good thing they have plenty time for Joseph to do something with that wild bed head hair!!


2 thoughts on “Early Risers

  1. Trey and his friend that lived next door, used to get up early enough before the school bus came so that they had time to play with their army men. They were about this age! Love it! Have fun boys!


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