Gardening Girl

Ever have that moment when you just have to do something? It was a gorgeous day so Mary and Joseph joined forces on their own and dug up dirt in the woods in order to fill the holes the dogs had dug.  They were so fun to watch as they worked together maneuvering the wheel barrow and taking turns shoveling.


Trey was running out and Joseph wanted to go with him but Mary opted to stay home because “she really wanted to finish her job”.  While the boys tend to avoid chores all together Mary will come and ask for a job.  Sometimes she just needs to clean, it gives her fulfillment of accomplishment.


No need to worry this girls got motzy and managed this wheel barrow all on her own!

DSC_1174 DSC_1175

She’s quite possibly the cutest little gardener with her polka-dotted wet boots and all!



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