First Chair

Morgan was first chair saxophone for his 7th grade concert.  This was a concert for the parents to hear what they have been practicing for an upcoming State competition. They have a wonderful conductor that loves them so much and has truly trained them well. I am so impressed with the quality of instruction Morgan has gotten his 6th and 7th grade in band.  He really knows his saxophone well and sounds wonderful playing it! Way to go on being 1st Chair Morgan!!!




Time Capsule Presentation



Joseph and his GRC classmates went back in time to present their 1950’s Project to their parents via a Rock around the clock time capsule presentation.  Each station had a time with a presenter (Student) who told four facts about the 1950’s along with examples they had in their time capsule. Whenever we would hear music playing we would move to the next hour in time to hear from another presenter. All the kids were so creative and had fantastic 1950’s attire!  Joseph made a pink Cadillac as his time capsule which held a t-shirt for Teen Fashion, a model plane to represent Commercial Jet Aircraft, binoculars he made representing The Cold War and a transistor radio which he also made for the 1st Hand Held Radio.  They also had a sock drive to support our troops and homeless veterans. Afterwards they had a “Sock Hop” with root beer floats . . . yum!!!




Beta Club


Trey and I were proud to attend Morgan’s National Junior Beta Club Induction Ceremony. Trey and I are both Beta Club alumni so we are ecstatic to have a Beta baby! Okay, maybe not so much, but we are very proud of Morgan’s assertiveness, character, responsibility and effort in earning High Honors. Not only is he a very good student but also a rising defensive lacrosse player and a mighty sharp-looking young man! I must say I would not protest the boys dressing in this manner more often, so handsome!  Morgan loves his look too wearing his new cloths (jacket, pants, shoes and borrowing one of Trey’s favorite ties) saying, “Man I look good!”, “I look mighty fine!”, “Oh, certainly you can take your picture with me!” and on and on and on!!!  We just love this kid so much! Way to go Morgan!!



Morgan will never hear, “Who’s your Daddy?”


Atleast not while wearing similar lacrosse attire,


I just love their team socks!!

Early Risers


If we knew then what we know now then we would have let the boys get DSI’s a long, long time ago!  They both bought DSI’s on ebay with their own money. Jordan bought a DSI XL with a Nerf case and   Joseph bought a DSI Lite. While they are great for playing games they also have a handy feature . . . an alarm clock!  These two have set their alarms and have gotten up and dressed and dogs out to potty and breakfast made all before our 6:00 a.m. alarm goes off.  I tell them they are getting up too early but they say they like to get up that early so they have lots of time to relax or play before they go to school!  They are quite a pair. Joseph makes the waffles or pop-tarts and Jordan gets the drinks.  Good thing they have plenty time for Joseph to do something with that wild bed head hair!!

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Talent Show


Can you duet?

Well Joseph and Katie can!  They sang Our God is Greater by Chris Tomlin and did a fabulous job.  They were the only duet out of 32 acts that performed in Dance, Vocals, Instruments and Miscellaneous. What a blessing it was to watch these two friends belt out a worship song to our Lord!



Our littlest Valentine

Oh how we love our littlest Valentine! Hans sure did get lots of sugar on this day of showing love and I don’t mean from the cupcake.  He didn’t quite know what to do with the sticky mess. He really just spread it all around and wasn’t too keen on his hand being icky.  It was good 1st Birthday practice!!!!