Joseph’s Birthday Breakfast

DSC_1262 DSC_1263

Joseph’s decade Birthday started off with a 3 hour delay in school opening due to severe weather. Sweet!!!!   At 6:50 a.m. all was quiet not even raining so we went onto celebrate Joseph’s Birthday breakfast with his favorite Bojangles’ gravy biscuit.  With Trey being out-of-town all week we had already celebrated Joseph’s Birthday this past Saturday. He was really surprised to see a big Birthday bag and to get to open 2 extra gifts!!  It was so nice getting to slowly enjoy our breakfast time without rushing off to get to school in time.  We came back to the house and he checked out  songs on u-tube, created a glove out of duct tape and paper that I ended up cutting off him and then loaded onto the golf cart to get to the bus stop because by the time the bus finally came the severe weather had arrived as well creating a lake in the front yard. What a crazy morning start for this amazing wild Birthday Boy!!!! Happy 10th Birthday Joseph Jackson Garrett!



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