10 Years

Not sure how 10 years has gone by since Joseph Jackson Garrett came into our lives. They have been 10 marvelous years with this always entertaining boy of ours. He has blessed our family so much in so many ways over those years.  We are so delighted that God chose us to be this amazing little boys Daddy and Mommy.  So sweet Joseph we celebrate your 10th Birthday out with the single digits you are now a BIG double-digit fella! 10 years old!!!


We never would have guessed this blonde long curly-haired boy would look so good in a short cut at times gel styling faux hawk do or that our costume wearing toddler would be so particular about his cloths preferring skinny slim jeans and a Life is Good long-sleeved even in the summer time.

DSC_1210DSC_1214DSC_1217DSC_1211DSC_1224DSC_1233DSC_1240                                                                  And I never would have guessed that lacrosse would become your chosen sport. You are so excited and eager to go to not only your practices but also your older brothers’ practices especially when Daddy is coaching. It is so fun to watch you cradle, run down the field and shoot!

What a great 10th Birthday celebration Joseph had with gifts of a new lacrosse bag for all his gear, a bright green stick and then to find its’ matching head in the bag, 2 Life is Good shirts, a Transformer and Airheads candy!!!

Oh aint it grand to be a Decade old!!!

Happy 10th Birthday Joseph!!!  We love you sooooo much!!!



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