Birthday Cake

No time for candles or singing “Happy Birthday” song, Joseph saw his cake when he came home from school and he made a mad dash for a fork, plate and cup of milk! Best after school snack ever! He did take a brief pause to admire the Ninjago picks on his cake. He was pretty pleased with the look of his cake, but more importantly to this 10 year old was the taste and he was diving in!!!


10 Years

Not sure how 10 years has gone by since Joseph Jackson Garrett came into our lives. They have been 10 marvelous years with this always entertaining boy of ours. He has blessed our family so much in so many ways over those years.  We are so delighted that God chose us to be this amazing little boys Daddy and Mommy.  So sweet Joseph we celebrate your 10th Birthday out with the single digits you are now a BIG double-digit fella! 10 years old!!!


We never would have guessed this blonde long curly-haired boy would look so good in a short cut at times gel styling faux hawk do or that our costume wearing toddler would be so particular about his cloths preferring skinny slim jeans and a Life is Good long-sleeved even in the summer time.

DSC_1210DSC_1214DSC_1217DSC_1211DSC_1224DSC_1233DSC_1240                                                                  And I never would have guessed that lacrosse would become your chosen sport. You are so excited and eager to go to not only your practices but also your older brothers’ practices especially when Daddy is coaching. It is so fun to watch you cradle, run down the field and shoot!

What a great 10th Birthday celebration Joseph had with gifts of a new lacrosse bag for all his gear, a bright green stick and then to find its’ matching head in the bag, 2 Life is Good shirts, a Transformer and Airheads candy!!!

Oh aint it grand to be a Decade old!!!

Happy 10th Birthday Joseph!!!  We love you sooooo much!!!


Joseph’s Birthday Breakfast

DSC_1262 DSC_1263

Joseph’s decade Birthday started off with a 3 hour delay in school opening due to severe weather. Sweet!!!!   At 6:50 a.m. all was quiet not even raining so we went onto celebrate Joseph’s Birthday breakfast with his favorite Bojangles’ gravy biscuit.  With Trey being out-of-town all week we had already celebrated Joseph’s Birthday this past Saturday. He was really surprised to see a big Birthday bag and to get to open 2 extra gifts!!  It was so nice getting to slowly enjoy our breakfast time without rushing off to get to school in time.  We came back to the house and he checked out  songs on u-tube, created a glove out of duct tape and paper that I ended up cutting off him and then loaded onto the golf cart to get to the bus stop because by the time the bus finally came the severe weather had arrived as well creating a lake in the front yard. What a crazy morning start for this amazing wild Birthday Boy!!!! Happy 10th Birthday Joseph Jackson Garrett!


Photographer for a day


I must say I had so much fun taking pictures, cheering on and congratulating all the runners at the Inaugural Krispy Kreme Doughnut Dash here in Birmingham this past weekend.  I’m so glad Roger Rocha, the race director saw me taking pictures at the 1st Priority race way back in September and asked me if I would be a volunteer photographer.  I told him I was just taking pictures of my family to put on our blog and told him he could check them out and then decide if he wanted me. He did and said yes and that’s how I became part of the event planning committee.  I don’t have a mega lens/camera like Julia does but I’m comfortable with what I can get with my modest Nikon DX!!

DSC_0260DSC_0302  Roger Rocha, the race director from Brown Mackie College with some friendly mascots and awarding the very first Challenger finisher!!!!

K2D2 Race Day!!


The Krispy Kreme Doughnut Dash was a huge success!!!! There were over 700 runners! It was cold but not near as cold or damp as we were expecting which was wonderful.  The boys had a blast and even got to take some new Nike running shoes on a trial run along with timing watches. They were so excited and all said the shoes were incredible! How cool is that to be able to actually do a real race in the shoes before you buy them! Morgan actually needs new sneakers and with Elijah running track now I’m sure these shoes are much better than the ones he’s been running in.

DSC_0005DSC_0010DSC_0011DSC_0012DSC_0027DSC_0104DSC_0117DSC_0126DSC_0130DSC_0134IMG_7858IMG_7879IMG_7982                                                                                     The great thing about being one of the event photographers is that I can get lots of shots of my boys for blogging while on the job!  You can see all the photos at .  I took the Start/Finish and Family Fun Event photos and Julia took the Doughnut Eating and Awards.  It got crazy busy at times with large groups finishing the race that I took photos of runners then would run around shooting them with their doughnut medals then back to the finish line to get runners and so on back and forth! Crazy hectic but oh so fun!                                                                                                                                


The boys did great  competing and completed as Challengers running the 2 miles, eating then running 2 miles back!! Elijah was the 8th runner to arrive at Railroad Park but the eating really slowed him down.  He finished 12th place in the 15-19 year old group was overall 129th with a gun time of 50:24!  Joseph had to take an emergency restroom break and Morgan didn’t want to leave him at the park all alone so he stayed with him making sure he came out safely and onto the right path back. What an awesome big brother!!  So even with an incredibly long delay in running back Morgan finished in 23rd place for the under 14 year olds was 280 overall with a 1:04:43 time and Joseph finished in 24th place with a 284 overall at 1:05:03 time.  Don’t forget there were just over 700 casual and challenger runners. So proud of all my boys!!!


Krispy Kreme Doughnut Dash


So excited about this fun run for Children’s of Alabama.  Elijah, Morgan and Joseph are all running as Challengers meaning they will be running 2 miles, eating the required donuts and running 2 miles back!  Morgan and Joseph are in the 14U division so they have to eat 6 donuts before crossing the second timing pad to run the 2 miles back. I don’t think either of them will have a problem doing this but poor 15-year-old Elijah has to eat the entire 12 before he can pass through the timing pad shoot.  He is in great shape and can easily do the race but with 12 donuts in your gut. . .ouch! There is also a Casual division where you just pick up your dozen donuts and continue on with the race. You can eat them on your way back but it doesn’t count in order for you to receive a super cool medal when you finish which is really what most of the runners want!  I am the photographer at the start/finish of the race and for the medal/award ceremony which I’m pretty excited about.  All the photos will be uploaded to a website and available for FREE to participants.  There is also another photographer at Railroad Park where the donut eating will be. I can’t wait to see the pictures of the boys putting down their donuts!  At Railroad Park there will be lots a family friendly activities going on which is great for all the younger siblings to do while the race is going or for after the race. It should be a really fun day. For an added bonus of fun, I just found out costumes are encouraged for runners so who knows who or what will be seen running in the race!

Strawberry Farmer


Joseph surprised me one day by planting 2 strawberry plants in the bed at my front door. I wasn’t too thrilled about it, not my choice spot since I had other flowers I wanted there, but he was so excited and devotedly took care of watering them. One did not survive but the other did beautifully and has spread wildly producing  several sweet tasting strawberries! In October Joseph our strawberry farmer was so happy as he showed off these first fruits of his harvest!!


DIY-Han’s shelf

I love DIY projects, especially low-budget DIY ones.  My good friend gave me this bookshelf/toy bin she wasn’t using anymore and all I did was sand it down, fix the broken bottom, peeled off some old stickers and sprayed on some paint!


I almost forgot to take a before picture, but you can see what it started out like.  I wanted a bright fresh look and I got it with this paint but don’t get too attached. I’m likely to change it up if we paint their room but for now I’m happy with it’s cheerful look.  It does look really well in Joseph and Jordan’s room too so at some point it might find a new home there.