Santa’s Wonderland


We did it, we finally did it!  Our first attempt to see Santa was a few Sundays ago when the line was forever long so we left to return on a slow weekday. Little did I know that we would have a bunch of sickies on our hands for the next couple of weeks, add track practice, tennis and some other after school events that postponed our Santa visit.  We only had two more possible days Wednesday or Thursday, so I got outfits ironed and ready and away we went. The line was at about the same place it was on that long ago Sunday so Trey and I held our spot while the kids explored Santa’s Wonderland.  DSC_0511

They had a fun time riding the carousel, writing letters to Santa then putting them in Santa’s mailbox, making Christmas ornaments, shooting foam arrows and rifles and we all enjoyed snacking on the yummy glazed pecans! Oh for those wondering,  Hans was completely calm around Santa not one tear; he really liked Santa’s beard and furry soft suit!



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