7 months


I know he’s not wearing his #7 sticker but these captured sweet Hans so well I just had to show them off for his 7 month post.  Hard to believe but his personality has really blossomed this past month. He has been eating more baby food and loving it! He really likes sweet potatoes, squash, peas, bananas in rice cereal and blueberry puffs. He still drinks lots of milk too. He can pivot in his bed quite well so you never know what direction he’ll be in when you go get him up. He is trying really hard to turn over just can’t get his one leg to cooperate yet. While he can sit well on his own to play with toys he prefers to be held or to have his sibling sit and play with him. Lately he started really needing some extra loving when he woke up in the mornings.  No matter how wet, how desperate he needs his diaper and cloths change, we have to hug him tight and give kisses even if we are holding him sideways to avoid the pee soaked cloths. If we don’t love on him straight-a-way then he will cry the saddest cry you’ve ever heard with the biggest tears rolling down his cheeks!!

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Still Going!!!


You guessed it, more Christmas pictures! What do you expect it’s Hans First Christmas so lots of pictures are a must have.  Ah who am I kidding I would have taken a ton regardless!! While the kids loved everything they received; there are a few things that seem to be favorites.

Trey: Knife sharpener, tree stand cushion

Stephanie: tall boots and skinny jeans

Elijah: Risk game, afghan, adrenaline socks

Morgan: skate board, air soft pistol, his many knives and book

Joseph: Skylander starter pack, pogo stick, airplane

Mary: the “timer” aka a clock, AmericanGirl Doll, ToyStory Jesse doll

Jordan: All Skylanders, Jonathan James and the Whatif Monster/book, Super Mario Bros

Hans: wrapping paper, musical weeble wobble, musical caterpillar and Baby Einstein music toy!



Thank you PawPaw and Mammaw for the family ping pong table!!!!

Thank you PawPaw and Mammaw for the family ping pong table!!!!

DSC_1044 DSC_1046DSC_1049DSC_1058DSC_0977

Christmas round 2

As you can see we had a wonderful Christmas! I really liked the pauses we had which gave time for toys to be freed from their 62 twisty tie downs!!! It allowed them to play with the things they had just opened rather than have to wait till the very end and it let us stay ahead of all the pile paper and empty boxes. So without delay . . . round 2!!!


Christmas 2012


Christmas morning started off the not so quiet pitter patter stomps of running up and down the stairs of children. The parents finally got out of bed about 7:30a.m. and had a few swallows of coffee before all the gift opening began.  We let Hans sleep a bit more while the first round of presents were opened then took a break when he woke up.  After getting a new diaper and dry cloths and a tummy full of milk we began with round 2 of unwrapping. We took another break in order to get breakfast in the oven (cinnamon buns and sausage rolls) and then another to get the Christmas roast in and to give Hans some loving.  While Hans enjoyed all the activity and the new colorful/musical toys he got a little tired of all the things and just really needed some snuggle/lap time.  It was a really fun, relaxing, cozy day with very excited, pleased children!!

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Christmas on the Coast

We had a great time on the MS Gulf Coast spending time with family and friends this weekend. We had Christmas with Grammy and Pawpaw on Sunday morning. The kids were really excited and super surprised with all their new gifts! After presents and lunch we went to visit good friends,  the Jackson Family and then the Clark Family both which also have 6 children. It was a short, but sweet visit with all. Thank you Pawpaw and Grammy for the many wonderful gifts!!!!!

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Santa’s Wonderland


We did it, we finally did it!  Our first attempt to see Santa was a few Sundays ago when the line was forever long so we left to return on a slow weekday. Little did I know that we would have a bunch of sickies on our hands for the next couple of weeks, add track practice, tennis and some other after school events that postponed our Santa visit.  We only had two more possible days Wednesday or Thursday, so I got outfits ironed and ready and away we went. The line was at about the same place it was on that long ago Sunday so Trey and I held our spot while the kids explored Santa’s Wonderland.  DSC_0511

They had a fun time riding the carousel, writing letters to Santa then putting them in Santa’s mailbox, making Christmas ornaments, shooting foam arrows and rifles and we all enjoyed snacking on the yummy glazed pecans! Oh for those wondering,  Hans was completely calm around Santa not one tear; he really liked Santa’s beard and furry soft suit!


Chelsea Parade

It was a great day for a parade, crisp yet not freezing cold. Morgan marched with the band in the Chelsea Christmas Parade playing his saxophone. The kids had a great time catching candy and treats with their friends and the band sounded great!! Poor Morgan was feeling sooo bad even running a slight fever so we jetted out as soon as Morgan was finished and back with us. Little did we know this would be the start of 3 weeks of on and off sickness in our family!!!!

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