Gadsden State


Morgan and I were able to have a short getaway together when he went to Gadsden State for a band clinic.  The festival or clinic consisted of try outs early Friday evening so they could place you into one of two bands then onto learning new songs until 9:30 that night. Morgan made 2nd chair saxaphone. Saturdays schedule started at 8:30a.m. for practice, lunch break at a local pizza shop then back to practice some more till 2:30p.m.  Morgan rode up with another band member on Friday. We were going to drive up and get him and then drive back again Saturday morning, but after doing some quick gas prices math and a hotel search Trey was able to get a great price on a hotel so that we could spend the night Friday and not have to wake up soooo early to drive back.  Morgan was really excited when I drove into the hotel parking lot and told him we were not driving all the way back home, we had a room.


After Saturdays afternoon session we went a did a quick photo shoot and then saw Skyfall, the new James Bond movie. Unfortunately the movie went a bit longer than we expected and had to literally run out on the ending to get back to the college for the 6:00p.m. band concert. Morgan had to change into his uniform in the car while I sped back to the music hall.  He got there right on time for when he needed to be on stage so no foul. I suppose we both get to see the movie again so that we can actually see how it ends.