Czesc Polska! Jak sie masz?

Whenever our kids get mail it’s pretty exciting but

When Mary gets a special delivery all the way from Poland the excitement escalates!

Mary came home from school to find her beloved Poland Package full of Birthday gifts!!!

She couldn’t wait to tear into her package, but first she had a fun time feeling the outside of it and guessing what might be in it!

As you can see she was thrilled with all her gifts!  She really enjoyed her huge Poland chocolate bar and other sweets as did the boys!

She had guessed cloths in the package and was delighted by her new shirt in her favorite Pink color and in English too. She was so giddy with her new rings and bracelet and pink pen too!

Her fluffy Shnooks was a big hit a perfect gift for this little girl!

Not only did she receive a lot of special gifts but also cards with tender notes to her and an extra special one from Klaudia, a little girl who was once cared for in the same home as Mary that now also has a family in Poland.  Klaudia wrote her a letter in hopes to be pen-pals.  I have a few pictures of Klaudia and Mary that we will print and send to Klaudia when Mary writes her. I believe the two of them had a special relationship and I am sure she is one of the girls who Mary is referring to when she talks about her “sisters” in Poland.  Klaudia is older than Mary and can share memories with Mary that she may have forgotten. What a treasured connection to Poland.

Dziekuje Widlo! Do widzenia!!!