4 months

Wow our baby boy is 4 months old!!!! We are enjoying him so much each and every day. He is still the best nighttime sleeper ever! He will sleep till 9:30 – 10:00 a.m. He drinks about 26oz-30oz of formula a day. He has had a couple bowls of rice cereal and does pretty well with the whole tongue and swallowing thing.  He weighs 19 lbs and is 29 inches long.  He is a big boy!  He drules a ton as he teeths on his hands. We’ve given him several teethers but his hands or our fingers are his favorite.  He is absolutely the happiest baby always ready with a smile.  We’ve gotten him to chuckle a couple of times which then sends us into laughter which makes him chuckle more, it’s adorable! He wants to sit up more now which he does with pillows and the bumpo seat.  He does not like being in the infant car seat or in the swing for too long.  He loves being held outside on the front porch swing and is spending more time playing on his tummy.  He “talks” constantly and really loud with high-pitched squeals! He is just so sweet!!!!


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