Morgan’s Presents


Cookie Monster

By request we had home-made hamburgers on the grill, french fries from the fryer and mashed potatoes with brown gravy.  Yes, you read that correctly both french fries and mashed potatoes for the Birthday Boy!  Instead of a cake Morgan wanted one giant oatmeal chocolate chip cookie and that it what he got! You should have seen his face when I took it out of the oven, he was stoked!!! Perhaps he doubted I would actually make the jumbo sized cookie or amaze that it actually baked not sure, but he reminded me of Sesame Streets Cookie Monster as he eye-balled his cookie.  I don’t know why but all the kids kept coming in wanting to touch it?  This weekend Trey is taking Morgan, Elijah and a friend to a high ropes and zip line course down in Troy, AL.   We checked it out on-line and it looks thrilling!  This adventure package is Morgan’s big gift from Trey and I.  He also got checks from the Grandparents, candy from Mary, Jordan and Hans. Joseph gave him a Long Boarding magazine which he thought was pretty awesome!  Elijah gave him bullets and he got a pistol cleaning kit, targets, a book collection of America’s Premier Gunmakers including: Colt, Browning, Remington and Winchester  and The Avengers movie.


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