Youth Revisited

I hadn’t gotten Trey a present for his 40th Birthday due to our going and getting Hans and being busy with baby and other summer activities. He had a mens night out but it just wasn’t what I had hoped to do for him.  While in Chattanooga we found this store and so I told him I still had the saved 40th Birthday money in the account if he found a long board he wanted as his gift.

It took him about 2 seconds to decide on the board he wanted and began switching out the wheels for newer and different colors.

Just look how happy he is with his belated Birthday present!

It’s hard to tell from this picture but this was a really steep hill so he was holding onto the bricks so he wouldn’t shoot out into the intersection. Joseph couldn’t believe his Daddy got such a ‘sweet’ board!!!

Once we were home Trey joined in with the boys as they used the golf cart like a ski lift taking daring long boarders up hills if they had the nerve to ride down them.  Apparently they had all mastered the hills in our neighborhood so they road through the woods into another quite subdivision so they could go down virgin hills which is oh so more exciting!

As the story goes none of the adolescents wanted to go down the new-found hill and so Daddy had to show them how it was done! Unfortunately while the subdivision was undeveloped making it free of traffic it was not free of wash out debris in the road which is what Trey hit throwing him into briars and gravel!

After soaking in a tub and painfully scrubbing out gravel and grass we medicated and bandaged his narly wounds.

It was a painful spill that required several dressing changes throughout the day over the next week and a half, but Trey wouldn’t have changed a thing.   Obviously he could have done without the accident, but the time spent with the boys long boarding and the fact that he just got out there with them not as the driver of the lift but really boarding alongside his sons and friends.  He is every bit the active, involved father and that we hope is what these boys will hold with them as they grow into young men and fathers themselves.


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