Morgan’s Presents


Cookie Monster

By request we had home-made hamburgers on the grill, french fries from the fryer and mashed potatoes with brown gravy.  Yes, you read that correctly both french fries and mashed potatoes for the Birthday Boy!  Instead of a cake Morgan wanted one giant oatmeal chocolate chip cookie and that it what he got! You should have seen his face when I took it out of the oven, he was stoked!!! Perhaps he doubted I would actually make the jumbo sized cookie or amaze that it actually baked not sure, but he reminded me of Sesame Streets Cookie Monster as he eye-balled his cookie.  I don’t know why but all the kids kept coming in wanting to touch it?  This weekend Trey is taking Morgan, Elijah and a friend to a high ropes and zip line course down in Troy, AL.   We checked it out on-line and it looks thrilling!  This adventure package is Morgan’s big gift from Trey and I.  He also got checks from the Grandparents, candy from Mary, Jordan and Hans. Joseph gave him a Long Boarding magazine which he thought was pretty awesome!  Elijah gave him bullets and he got a pistol cleaning kit, targets, a book collection of America’s Premier Gunmakers including: Colt, Browning, Remington and Winchester  and The Avengers movie.

Lil’ Red Ryder

suit case

Don’t let the dress and big bow in her hair fool ya, Mary can hold her own when it comes to B.B. shoot’n!  She’s not one to just sit by and watch the boys shoot targets, she’s right in there with them. She loves it when she can hear the shots hit the can and says she really, really, really wants her own PINK Red Ryder !!!  She also has asked her Daddy on several occasion when will she get to shoot her deer!  She really wants to go hunt with Trey and wear the hunting cloths just like the boys but in Pink Camo of course!!!

Our new teen

Today is Morgan’s 13th Birthday!

It wasn’t so long ago that our new teenager was this little guy!  He sure is one of the sweetest boys I know.  He is smart, diligent, kind and considerate.   He is fun-loving and absolutely the funniest comedian in our house with his wit and what is known in our home as “Morganisms”!!  He is a skillful whittler creating beautiful knives and other weaponry from local wood. He is a knife nut which I suppose is a common boy trait! He’s crazy for long boarding. He has great accuracy using the recurve bow and has an eagle eye when it comes to shooting with guns.  He is a passionate, yet cautious hunter like his Daddy.  He has a love for reading.  Typically Morgan either has a book, bow or knife in his hands at all times!    But lately the most common object in his arms is his baby brother Hans.  Morgan is a wonderful big brother, always has been and he is exceptional with Hans.  We have all enjoyed the taste of his wonderful baking including many of his siblings Birthday cakes he has baked.  I just can’t say it enough how much we love Morgan, he is a true gift and a treasure to all of us and we wish him the very best 13th Birthday!!!!!


Happy 13th Birthday you beutiful boy!!! We love you so much!!!!

5K Medalist

You wouldn’t have known it but this was Elijah’s first 5K and he came in 3rd place for the Boys 14 and under group!  He has been running all summer for his lacrosse conditioning, but nothing like the Cross Country teams do. He and Joseph run throughout our neighborhood and Morgan joins them at times so they all are in pretty good shape.  Joseph was so excited and ready for the race that he had his cloths laid out ready to go.  Once we were there for the race Morgan wanted to do the 5K but willingly did the 1 Mile with Jordan to encourage him.  We all had a great time and saw just how many different people came out for the race in every age and condition. Some were die-hard competitive runners probably doing this measly 5K as part of their regiment, there were many over 50/60 yr olds, some ladies that just walked it, a Grandpa with little ones in a double stroller, many ladies in all shapes and sizes, a little boy who flew through the course keeping up with his 6’2″ Father, 3 and 4 yr olds doing the 1 mile with their Mommies. It’s safe to say our family is hooked on these fun races now!  I am now really motivated to get serious about my walking so that I can transition into running the races with the boys. Hark, even Mary asked if when I run could she run with me, now that’s a shocker!!!  Lots of 1 Mile Fun Runs only cost $5-$15 which goes toward whatever charity it’s for so we get to have a healthy motivational confidence boosting family event while giving to a worthy cause! Morgan knocked out his 1 Mile so fast that I didn’t even initially recognize it was him running in. He finished 4th place, but for some reason the event people didn’t acknowledge him, but we know and are so proud of him.  He really wants to do the next 5K!! Joseph was the one that has been asking to be put in races and he did very well for his first ever 5K too finishing strong at 30:29 minutes and Jordan did his 1 Mile in about 10 minutes super for a 7-year-old!!!  Trey, Elijah and Morgan  were all running along side him encouraging him as he rounded the last corner heading toward the finish line. It was fantastic!! We were really excited for our friend Sarah H. who came in 1st place for the Girls 15 yrs and under! All in all we had a really great family time all before 10 a.m. on a Saturday morning!

Race To The Cross

Wow we had a blast at First Priority’s Race To The Cross 5K and 1 Mile Fun Run! Our friends, The Hyde’s invited us to do the race with them which thrilled Joseph since he has been begging us to put him in a race.  Elijah and Joseph ran the 5K while Jordan and Morgan ran the 1 Mile, Morgan ran with Jordan so he wouldn’t be alone.  Mary flat out said she didn’t want to run! Ha!  I of course photographed everyone while Trey took care of Hans. It was a fun family event with inflatables for all the kids, sandwhiches, fruits, chips, granola bars, powerades, music and even Cotton Candy!!!

Mary supporting her brothers or is it theother way around!? 


With a family our size even if everyone just had a few items of toys, books, gadgets or cloths it all adds up quickly and can over take this modest house of ours. I have always saved the boys cloths for hand-me-downs or put them in consignment sales a couple of times. I missed the Fall sale this year and just didn’t want to hold onto the cloths any longer.  I went through the containers and pulled out what Joseph and Jordan have now grown into and the items I want to still save for Hans.  The rest of it I bagged up to take to several of our favorite donation sites. My de-cluttering started out with 4 bags of girls cloths.

which originally turned into 9 boys bags!

I found a bit more in the attic and the 9 boys bags multiplied into 14 bags plus A Beka curriculum

There are still nice dress shirts and polo shirts of the big boys which I plan to keep till the Spring consignment sale but if for some reason I miss it then they too will find their way to a donation center.

As the weather cools off I will be in the attic more often who knows what will not make the “KEEP” cut and out it will Go!

Pillow Talk

Ah don’t you just love those lazy mornings when the house is still quiet.  It’s so nice to lay there next to one you love and whisper tender words to one another. We know how this time passes so quickly so we’ll enjoy that sweet pillow talk for as long as we can get it!