1st Day of School

First Day of School also known as Parents Independence Day or the TV-Finally-Gets-a-Rest Day!!!!

This morning went remarkably smooth as the children readied for school. I made the crumb cake yesterday so we just heated it up as each one arrived in the kitchen while Trey made cheesy eggs to add to their plates.  Lunch checks and forms were in backpacks and snack bowl on the table to fill their sacks.

Our 2 Elementary students and Intermediate pupil were looking sharp in their new school cloths!

Everyone was show’n the love and getting words of encouragement from Daddy

They were so excited and couldn’t wait to get to class to be reunited with some of their best friends from previous classes.

Joseph was Mr. Cool Cat of course, he just couldn’t wait to hear when French Club would start up.  He’s only been talking about it all summer long!

Star Wars shirts and plaid shorts were the uniform for Morgan and Elijah along with a cup of coffee on the front porch while they waited for their bus.

This year is the year we once talked about soooo not so long ago when we would have children in 4 different schools plus we have a newborn to boot!!!!

It is a busy bustling home we live in but oh so glad we have each and everyone of them, they are gems and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Praying they all have a wonderful 1st Day of School


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