Hola Mexico!!!!!

I wasn’t quite sure where I wanted to go to after Old Town, but I did know I wanted to see it in the comfort of the trolley i.e. not walking it. I say comfort loosely as there are many many passengers getting on and off the trolley and you never know just who you’re gonna have the privilege to sit next to or knock knees against as the seats have seats facing one another.  Most of the time it is uneventful, but every now and then a homeless, crack head, out of their mind, filth wreaking dumpster smelling passenger who would get on and see several other empty seats but choose to sit close. . . too close to me and my sleeping baby.  After a few stops other seats would come available and so I would just switch to another spot. I didn’t know just where I wanted to go so I just got on the trolley and decided to just ride it out to the end of the line and then ride it back to Santa Fe station which was the closest stop to our hotel. I had time to kill as Trey was hard at work supervising the 3 MRI’s they were unloading and putting into the building. It was going to be a very long day for him so I went on an adventure. Being in San Diego was really like taking an International trip. There were so many foreign speaking people such as Italian, Dutch, German, Japanese and other Asians so many Asians and Mexican of course. Hans was sound asleep so I just stayed on the trolley till it came to its absolute final destination: MEXICO!  Well, not exactly in Mexico  just on the U.S. side where I hopped off to walk across the pedestrian bridge over the expressway to get a closer view.

There were so many people at this station most pulling over sized stuffed suitcases behind them or backpacks  and other duffel bags loaded full of who knows what. I even saw a guy carrying a microwave out of the box on his head. Although I was clearly out-of-place in this part of town I felt absolutely safe with the 24+ law officers that were everywhere! I would have taken more pictures but my phone was dying and so I only have these 3 Mexico photos.

Look closely you can see the Mexican flag waving in the background. . . Hola y Adios Mexico!!!


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