3 months

It doesn’t seem possible that Hans is 3 months old now, feels like we  just got home from Texas with him.  He is such a happy baby and growing right before our eyes. He is now 18 lbs and 26 inches long!!!!

He had some of his 2 month shots and did quite well.  He didn’t run any fever, but definitely was not himself the first two days after.  He barely ate and slept practically all day.  The first day after his shots he had only eaten 10 oz by 4:00pm which is nothing for him. He usually eats 22 – 26 oz per day.  He mostly sleeps 11 hours a night, all night long!  No more getting up at 2 a.m., 5 a.m.!!!

He has been working hard to get his thumb in his mouth as you can see in the pictures.  He is seen often with his thumb between his fingers too and he is constantly gnawing on his fist or mine.  I’m thinking he’s gonna be one of those 4 month olds with teeth.  With all that fist chewing he gets quite wet and blows bubbles as he talks to us and boy does he ever talk!  He loves talking to his brothers and sister and it is so funny as he seems to be telling them all about his day.  He is all smiles when they come home from school and eager to talk to them. I don’t go too many places alone with him unless I can time it to leave right after his first morning bottle so that he will sleep in the car as we go on our errand.  He does not like to be all alone in that backseat and will cry so hard he gets into coughing fits and his little head sweats, not much settles him down so we just go places when I can have a backseat helper. I’m hoping he’ll get better at entertaining himself in the car seat as he gets older, but for now we just have to be strategic in our trips.


Being a family means you are a part of something very wonderful. It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life.  No matter what. -author unknown

Science Boy

Earth Science Week Logo

I could be wrong, but I think we just might have a lover of science on our hands.

Jordan Garrett

August 21, 2012

What I want to do this year.

I want to learn this science to learn about plants, oceans too, animals too they are cool.  Tornados too they are wicked. Dinosaurs are sweet.  Also storms too they are cool too. Oh beaches too they are also cool. The South Pole too it is very cold there. The North Pole too is cold.  All of the stuff I want to do in the second grade. Oh yeah, deserts too it is hot there.

1st Day of School

First Day of School also known as Parents Independence Day or the TV-Finally-Gets-a-Rest Day!!!!

This morning went remarkably smooth as the children readied for school. I made the crumb cake yesterday so we just heated it up as each one arrived in the kitchen while Trey made cheesy eggs to add to their plates.  Lunch checks and forms were in backpacks and snack bowl on the table to fill their sacks.

Our 2 Elementary students and Intermediate pupil were looking sharp in their new school cloths!

Everyone was show’n the love and getting words of encouragement from Daddy

They were so excited and couldn’t wait to get to class to be reunited with some of their best friends from previous classes.

Joseph was Mr. Cool Cat of course, he just couldn’t wait to hear when French Club would start up.  He’s only been talking about it all summer long!

Star Wars shirts and plaid shorts were the uniform for Morgan and Elijah along with a cup of coffee on the front porch while they waited for their bus.

This year is the year we once talked about soooo not so long ago when we would have children in 4 different schools plus we have a newborn to boot!!!!

It is a busy bustling home we live in but oh so glad we have each and everyone of them, they are gems and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Praying they all have a wonderful 1st Day of School

San Clemente, CA

Monday night we drove up to San Clemente to meet up with my friend Monica and her daughter, Anya for dinner. They live up near Santa Barbara so they made quite a long drive down to visit with us.  San Clemente’s beaches are so nice and so different than our MS Coast beach.   1.) the water is a crisp torquise blue 2.) there are waves big enough to boogie board or surf or kayak as we saw  3.) the actual beach was not very wide from land to ocean  4.) there were swing sets on the beach   5.) the pier was double to triple in length and  6.) a train ran smack dab right next to the beach!!!  I loved it and so wish we could bring all the kids here some day!!

Maritime Museum

The Maritime Museum was literally right outside our balcony and was a wonderful sight to wake up to every morning. Loved touring these vessels. Sailboats, steamboat and submarine.

Point Loma

Trey and I enjoyed the ride out to Point Loma where there were incredible views of the harbor back toward our hotel and Del Coronado on the other side and the beautiful Pacific Ocean with the Cabrillo monument, lighthouse and national cemetery. It was spectacular!

Hola Mexico!!!!!

I wasn’t quite sure where I wanted to go to after Old Town, but I did know I wanted to see it in the comfort of the trolley i.e. not walking it. I say comfort loosely as there are many many passengers getting on and off the trolley and you never know just who you’re gonna have the privilege to sit next to or knock knees against as the seats have seats facing one another.  Most of the time it is uneventful, but every now and then a homeless, crack head, out of their mind, filth wreaking dumpster smelling passenger who would get on and see several other empty seats but choose to sit close. . . too close to me and my sleeping baby.  After a few stops other seats would come available and so I would just switch to another spot. I didn’t know just where I wanted to go so I just got on the trolley and decided to just ride it out to the end of the line and then ride it back to Santa Fe station which was the closest stop to our hotel. I had time to kill as Trey was hard at work supervising the 3 MRI’s they were unloading and putting into the building. It was going to be a very long day for him so I went on an adventure. Being in San Diego was really like taking an International trip. There were so many foreign speaking people such as Italian, Dutch, German, Japanese and other Asians so many Asians and Mexican of course. Hans was sound asleep so I just stayed on the trolley till it came to its absolute final destination: MEXICO!  Well, not exactly in Mexico  just on the U.S. side where I hopped off to walk across the pedestrian bridge over the expressway to get a closer view.

There were so many people at this station most pulling over sized stuffed suitcases behind them or backpacks  and other duffel bags loaded full of who knows what. I even saw a guy carrying a microwave out of the box on his head. Although I was clearly out-of-place in this part of town I felt absolutely safe with the 24+ law officers that were everywhere! I would have taken more pictures but my phone was dying and so I only have these 3 Mexico photos.

Look closely you can see the Mexican flag waving in the background. . . Hola y Adios Mexico!!!

Old Town

After Little Italy we hiked over to Santa Fe Station to get a 2-day pass on the trolley so we could explore deeper into the city.  After reading the instructions and checking out the trolley stops to see where all we could go I attempted to pay for a 2-day pass which is cheaper than buying individual fares. Unfortunately the ticket machine declined both of my debit cards and could not take a $20 bill only $5 and $1,  so during my fumbling of the backpack to retrieve the cards and trying to calm a baby in a sling a fellow ticket buyer swiped his card to pay for the pass since a long line had started to form.  How embarrassing, I had the money the machine just wouldn’t accept it and neither would he, so thank you kind Oklahoma fireman for being a Good Samaritan. Our first stop was Old Town, San Diego.

Old Town was like going back in time with all the store clerks, waitresses and performers in period costumes. It is definitely a big tourist attraction with lots of shops full of basically the same thing in each shop which is fun to look at, but not my cup of tea for this non-nic-naccer. It was a really hot day for carrying Hans around in the sling so after much walking about I found some air conditioning relief so we could both have lunch.

I enjoyed a cool frozen margarita and chicken enchilada at Barra Barra and Hans had his leche.