We set out toward Chattanooga, TN in high hope so that Elijah could play in the Chattanooga Challenge Lacrosse Tournament.  He wasn’t scheduled to play his first game until 3pm so instead of spending the night there Friday night we just headed up Saturday morning. On the way up it began to storm fiercely and so we arrived at the hotel in torrential rainfall.  The lobby was packed with parents and players from all over the South East and we soon learned ALL of the days games were cancelled due to flooded (up to your knees) fields and lightning.  We ended up checking into our room only to find out later in the day that even Sundays games were cancelled for everyone except the high school teams.  We were so disappointed and felt awful for Elijah since he had trained so hard all summer long (practice 4 days a week plus running in the neighborhood) to play in 2 tournaments and didn’t get to play in any. He got really sick the day before the first tournament so he was out of that one and now this one was cancelled.

We ended just making the best out of being in such a fun city and so we got an unexpected mini vacation out of the weekend.  I had no idea we lived just 2 hours or less away from Chattanooga so we hope to go back every now and then for a fun day trip. Elijah and Morgan went off with several team mates and Dads for lunch and to watch the new Batman movie while Trey and I headed out with the 4 little kids.

Fun time on the electric bus

 Jordan, Joseph and Mary loved getting to pick out their meat, veggies, rice, noodles and sauce and watching the chefs cook their food on the giant skillet.

We had a great time walking around the art district and seeing the sculptures and statues and really neat homes along the Tennessee River. The kids loved this blue iron and wood bridge. Joseph would have climbed to the top if we hadn’t insisted that he come down!  Morgan took liberty in mimicking a statue and Jordan had us all nearly curled up on the ground laughing so hard at his comments and antics about the statue in the buff!!!! It was definitely a had to be there moment!

Pool time is always #1 Priority!


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