Bike Rodeo

Joseph and Jordan’s Pack had a fun Bike Rodeo for Cubs and siblings the other night. There were 5 different stations to show off their biking skills and cookies and drinks to reenergize afterwards along with a Bike Safety lesson to complete their Biking patch or belt loop.

Everyone was super impressed with Jordan and commented that you can tell the ones who have older brothers because they always outshine in the events.

Mary was whipping through the cones like a mad lady but couldn’t quite get the idea of having to stop quickly.

I thought Jordan and Joseph did really well in their events. I know I’m bias being their Mama and all, but when it was prize time guess who the winners were?!

Boo yah . . . The Garrett Brothers!!!! 1st place-Jordan and 2nd place-Joseph at Pack 617 Bike Rodeo!!!!


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