Together Alas

We were over joyed when Trey received the phone call, “Pack your bags and get home to Alabama where you belong!”  We had been held up all day by yet another over zealous, under experienced social worker filling in at the AL ICPC office and she was causing some highly undue stress on  the entire situation. Our TX agency was livid at the AL ICPC woman for picking a part our home study, making assumptions and judgements when we clearly had an approved home study, birth mother had signed and we had placement and guardianship. We had to get our AL home study agency involved and they said they had 4 workers on our case at the office plus our personal domestic worker whom we love that was at the hospital for the birth of another baby making phone calls and sending documents and letters to ICPC. I even wrote a letter to clarify 5 items she had an issue with. We don’t know for sure what all went on or what was said; all we wanted was that phone call saying we could go home. Did I mention this was all on a Friday and the head ICPC lady was out of the office till the next Wednesday?

It is so good to be home and all the children were elated when we drove down the drive way. We hadn’t told them we were coming home . . . SURPRISE!!!!!


One thought on “Together Alas

  1. What precious pictures! Love the one with all of the children together! What a beautiful family and we love all of you SO much!


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