Wood Church

Occasionally our schedules get slightly overloaded . . . shocker I know. . . and so we will take a break from the norm including organized church. Sometimes we are just tired from having to be up bright and early and rushing off different direction and just want a lazy morning for once. Other times Trey has been away on mission trips or business and the kids just need extra Daddy time before we get too busy again.  Whatever the reason the kids long for this time come to be known as “Wood Church”.  For over a month now Joseph has been requesting Wood Church. We have a local trail that is 10 minutes from our house where the kids like to hike, explore, get their feet wet. Trey takes along his pocket Bible and when we’ve hiked a way we’ll find a resting spot and he will lead us in prayer, song and message. There is lots of sharing and talking and it’s just refreshing. It’s a way we can instill our faith, values, morals, hopes, expectations and love with our children.  I think we’ve made some really good memories at Wood Church too!


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