Wonderfully made

Hanson is amazing! Like any new parents we find we could simply just stare at him for hours. Yeah, I know we are “new” at being parents but every new child brings great wonder and delight. His fingers are so slender and long as is from his knee to his ankle. He birth mom is 5’11” and his birth dad 6’1” and only 180 lbs. so I believe we are going to have a long lean boy on our hands.

We are so blessed and thankful we were chosen by his birth mom, chosen by God to be this little boy’s Daddy, Mommy, family.   We do not take it lightly that he was placed with us, it is a great responsibility to raise this baby boy to be a Godly man, a gentleman,to be a kind, caring, purposeful brother, son, husband, father. I can’t wait to watch him grow and see who he will become, but for now I will stare at him and soak in his tiny baby toes and long exaggerated yawns.


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