He’s Ours

Friday morning both baby and birth mom were discharged around 7:00 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. but they had given birth mom some medicine which required her to stay till at least noon. She couldn’t sign parental termination papers until 1:47p.m. so we just all hung out in her room together.  They had gone ahead and discharged them so that once the papers were signed they didn’t have to wait around for doctors. About 1:30 p.m. our social worker had us leave the room with Miss T so the paper work could be started. Twenty. . . thirty minutes went by when our social worker appeared saying she just needed to go get the head nurse and another witness. We stayed in the waiting room with Miss T showing her dance videos of Joseph, Mary and Jordan to pass the time.  It felt like eternity waiting to hear when we could come back. The head nurse arrived and said she would be taking Hans back to the nursery to do some final discharging and would need us to come back to sign more papers. I wanted to ask about a few medical things with him too.  We remained in the waiting room still some more, watched the nurse wheel Hans back into the nursery and waited some more. Finally I got a text that we could come back into the room.  When we returned it was obvious birth mom had been crying which was a huge relief for us because she had been so strong, so stoic this whole time. It was a good sign to see her emotions. She loved him, she wanted him, she chose the better for him. Trey hugged her first holding her as she cried. I held Miss T who was asking why her Mama was crying.  The nurse came in another time and it was all beginning to feel to over whelming talking about Hans in front of birth mom so we began to gather our things. Birth mom would stay in the room until her ride showed up and we would go onto nursery and then leave with Hans. We loved on Miss T, told her how much fun we had with her playing puzzles and having her spend the night with us. I held birth mom and Trey held both of us as we all cried and spoke into her life.  We reassured her that all we had was his and he would be loved and cared for and he would know of her great love for him. It was a sweet moment, a treasured moment. We said our farewells and went to the nursery.  Our social worker joined us and we began gathering his medical records needed for the adoption in order for us to get ICPC to leave Texas and come home. The nurse went over all the screenings he had, discharge orders, gave us doctors names and #’s for his check up, took his picture, removed his umbilical cord safety alarm tag and strapped him securely into his infant seat and then we were free to go.  Our birth mom’s ride never came so our social worker made sure we had left before she and came down with birth mom and Miss T to drive them home. Birth mom did not want to cross paths again. We took Hans to our hotel room, he is really ours is all we could say. . . he’s really ours! After taking birth mom to her friend or family members house in town our social worker came to our room to go over adoption documents and get our signatures on several forms. She had a letter stating that we were now Baby Boy T  a.k.a  Hanson Reyer Garrett’s adoptive parents!!


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