First Bath

Today Hans took his first tub bath in his bath lounger and he really liked it!

He’s been getting sponge baths and his hair and face washed in the sink but he was starting to smell a little too much like spoiled milk so into the tub he went.

1 Month

Hans sleeps 12+ hours a day

He eats 6 ounces formula at each feeding every 3-4 hours

With all that eating he really fills up those diapers too!

He weighs 12 lbs , 23 inches long

His favorite place to be is on some one’s chest

He’s holding his head up more and more every day

He has so many facial expressions that crack us up!

Did I mention we are crazy for this little fella, love him so much!!!!!

For Paw Paw

Thank you Paw Paw for being a wonderful sitter (actually not much of that), cooking, cleaning, entertaining, shoe shopping, keeping kids in-line on chores, running to lacrosse practice, taxi to and from VBS, sack lunch maker for Cub Scout camp, HVAC coordinator, bath monitor, so much more and all around super Paw Paw to Elijah, Morgan, Joseph, Mary and Jordan while we were in Texas getting Hans!! You are priceless and we can’t thank you enough for holding down our wildly active fort while we were away. We love you so very very much, so glad our Hans’ middle name is your last name.  Love you alway!

Hanson Reyer Garrett

Stretching Hans

Suprise more photos of Hans. . . I know you are all shocked!!!  Not much to say about these just caught him doing some good stretching and looking so cute doing it. Enjoy!!!

5K Training

Joseph has taken on another interest and this time it is running.  He had been running with Elijah at night for his lacrosse conditioning and he’s even ran with one of our neighbor Dads when he went on his evening jog, but this past week he has gotten up early on his own to run.

  He runs all over the neighborhood up and down the big hills. He gets in at least 3 miles maybe more. We told him if he keeps it up we’ll enter him into a 5K race which thrilled him until he found out it wasn’t actually 5 miles. He was a bit put out saying he could easily run 2.5 mile, he wanted more! He has already asked for a Camel Back Pack to drink from and an arm band to hold the Ipod while he runs. Boys and their sports always needing more gear!!

1st check-up

Hans first check up here in AL went great. The doctor and nurses were head over heels for him and just so nice.  Dr. L gave him a very thorough check over that really pleased me. Dr. L was really impressed by how great Hans was doing.  Just look at his outfit how short his sleeves and pant legs are, he is such a long boy. Everything is going wonderful with Hans and so we will just plan to see the doctor again at 2 months for another check-up and first round of immunizations.

Father’s Day

Playing hide-n-seek in the bamboo forest

On Father’s Day we took a drive down to Prattville to go hiking in the Bamboo Forrest. We had heard a lot about it and since the boys love to make things out of bamboo and since it was a gorgeous day we headed out to explore this forest.  Trey found it easily and the kids bound from the car to run down the path leading to the Bamboo Forest.  The trails were well maintained with benches along the path to rest but to call it a forest is stretching it a bit. It was really just a walking path that did one big loop and yes there was a lot of bamboo just not a lot of trails.  It was a 45 minute drive down to Prattville and it took us 15 minutes to do our walk-about and that’s with stopping to take pictures and for Daddy to share some wisdom about bamboo roots and Christian faith.  We then walked around down town before heading back home.  For Father’s Day I asked the kids what they loved best about their Daddy and this is what they said:

Hans (3weeks): I got nothing out of him, he just stared at me then was exhausted from staring and fell asleep.

Jordan (7): “He gets me stuff, he paid for the adoption too. He loves me a lot, he takes me places on trips. He’s really nice and gets us popsicle and takes us places that are really fun.”

Mary (7): “When he gives me hugs and kisses, that he feeds us and takes us places.”

Joseph (9): “Everything! He gives me gifts, he’s nice, brings home gifts when he travels, he’s funny.”

Morgan (12): “He’s smart, wise, always knows what to do. He can help you out with anything when you’re feeling sad he can make you laugh and happy again.”

Elijah (14): “He’s an outdoorsman, he’s strict but not super strict and shows mercy to us, that he likes sports and plays basketball and lacrosse with me.”

I think they all have the very best Daddy too and we appreciate him and are blessed and thankful for him being our Daddy!!!!!!