Nesting? You betcha!!

I get asked often if we are ready for this new baby, if we have everything we need and all.  We have the crucial items like infant car seat to take baby from hospital and some diapers and wipes and bottles and such. I really didn’t want to go over board on cloths not knowing how big he’ll be and simply because they out grow things practically every time they stretch! I’m not crazy about filling the house up with every infant contraption there is and believe me the baby industry has come out with a slew of gear since we had our last baby seven years ago. Much of it you just don’t need. I have though been very busy preparing for our new little fellas arrival and for the time we will be staying in Texas with him. Here is a short list of my NESTING:

  • Painted kids slide attached to our back deck
  • Stained the bridge over creek
  • Trey pressure washed front porch furniture and then we sealed all (2 chairs, swing, table, 2 foot rest)
  • Took front door off and resealed
  • Pruned shrubs, trees
  • Uncluttered kids rooms
  • Organized 3 little kids dressers taking out cloths for Goodwill and refolded EVERYTHING!
  • Applied World Map decal to wall in Joseph and Jordan’s room
  • Retrieved heirloom baby cloths from cedar chest in attic
  • Washed baby cloths bought at Thrift Stores, yard sales
  • Washed and ironed 2 “Leaving the Hospital” gowns not sure which one we’ll put on him
  • Bought myself a few new shirts
  • Got all items for Birth Mom’s hospital bag i.e. toiletries/hygiene necessities, p.j.’s, socks with scripture
  • Purchased Birth Mom a keepsake engraved necklace
  • Got Birth Mom’s 4 yr old daughter 3 new outfits, some of Mary’s cloths, sidewalk chalk, doll and toothbrushes
  • Bought infant car seat, bottles, pacifiers, crib sheets/protectors, changing table covers and more
  • Arranged carpool for Jordan’s Cub Scout Day Camp
  • Arranged carpool for Elijah’s Lacrosse practice and one weekend tournament in Huntsville
  • registered 2 for VBS
  • Creating calendar of kid events using old school large desk calendar for those keeping kids
  • Creating Contact phone #’s for those keeping kids
  • Bought baby blue bows/ribbons and extra-large banner for kids to decorate front of house for baby brother arrival
  • Bought and wrapped 3 elementary kids End of School gifts
  • Also this all really started over Spring Break when I painted little boys room and rearranged 2 bedrooms
  • And that about does it for some of the things I’ve been up to:)

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